The Design / Build Contract

Design / Build contractors are really running two businesses at once: there is the design portion of a project, and then there is the actual construction.  Design/Build contractors should therefore have two different contracts for these phases of the job for the following reasons: Design does not fall under the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Statute,…


The Pros and Cons of Design/Build

It seems as though more and more contractors are branding themselves as design/build these days.  The process is attractive for both homeowners and contractors.  Rather than seeking the services of an architect, the homeowner only needs to engage one professional for the design and execution of a renovation project.  The contractor has a great marketing…


Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Contractors

Communicate with clients. The #1 reason contractors and construction companies get sued?  They don’t maintain proper communication with their clients.  Make sure all change orders are in writing.  Tell clients if a problem develops or if you’ve underbid a job.  Do not stick your head in the sand.  Treat your clients properly, and you will…


Subcontractors – How to Get Paid

Subcontractors face additional challenges in getting paid.  They are working for the General Contractor and only have a claim against an Owner if they comply with mechanics lien law in Massachusetts. Here are the rules for getting paid: Make sure you have a contract with the General Contractor that indicates your scope of work and…