Why You Need a Lawyer to Review Your Home Improvement Contract

The economy is good.  Home improvement contractors are busy, and homeowners are finally undertaking those renovation projects that they postponed when times were bad.  You’ve done your research and found a great contractor.  Everyone is excited to start the job.  Perhaps you glance at the contract, and it seems fine.  Why hire a lawyer to…


Explaining Allowances in Contracts

To contractors, allowances in contracts may be self-explanatory, but owners often find them confusing.  A typical section on allowances may look like this: Cabinets   $10,000 Kitchen appliances  $25,000 Bathroom fixtures  $20,000 What contracts often don’t explain is, what happens when the full value isn’t used? If I only spend $8,000 on the cabinets, do…


Why Contractors Should Strive for Excellence

I have many clients who tell me that they’ve never been sued. If a problem develops, they work with their clients and try to resolve it. Working as a contractor who does new construction or remodeling has never been harder. Clients turn to the internet and believe they know how to do it faster, better…